Make & Take – Sunday Meal Prep Class

There is  nothing like being prepared when you have set a goal for yourself. And that’s exactly why prepping is important.  When you prepare your meals in advance you reap so many benefits. When our schedules become busy and or you have a heavy work load from work, you still want to stay on track. And meal preparation helps with that.

I have found that the most effective way to being healthy for life is to be prepared. I see it with my clients. Those that set time to prepare, succeed in reaching their health goals faster than those that don’t have the time.  Spending one to three hours to prepare meals on one or two days at the beginning of the week saves money and time!

Many of us don’t know how to start to prepare, wondering if the food you prep ahead will last all week or get spoilt. I have been wanting to do a meal prep class ever since I became a Health Coach as I know that learning these simple tools and tricks will make the difference.

Join me for a life changing habit that reaps so many wonderful benefits.

This class is small and can only fit 6 attendees.

  • Includes all ingredients -Plant based ONLY (note NO animal meat included – but you will receive a guide to prepare your meat to go with your meal prep, that is if you are a meat eater).
  • Includes Tupperware and glass jars
  • You will make and take 10 meals with you (breakfast and lunch)
  • Date: Sunday 19th March 2017
  • Class begins at 9:00am -12:00pm
  • Must pay a down deposit of $500 to secure spot (as items have to be purchased before class)
  • Sign up and receive additional details of payment method etc.
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