Meet our Nourishing Chef – Farah Andrews



Farah Andrews also known as The Nourishing Chef is your very own Personal Health Chef. Farah grew up in the lovely Caribbean twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago. From an early age, Farah knew that her passion for food would later lead her along the career path of becoming a Chef. She became inspired by her parents’ and grandparents’ cooking, as well as their knowledge and love for the distinctively diverse blends of Indian, African, Creole, Amerindian, European, Chinese and Lebanese gastronomic influences that define Trinbagonian Cuisine.

 After attending The Trinidad and Tobago Hospitality and Tourism Institute and The Johnson and Wales University, Farah graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Culinary Arts Management.

However, like many Farah struggled to maintain a balanced lifestyle until she decided that a healthier change was needed. She embarked on a journey to discover ways to set herself apart from the rest in the culinary world and  seeked ways to not just have an ordinary chef title but one that encourages healthy living.  Farah became a Certified Personal Fitness Chef.

It was then, she began to observe that a lot of chefs in the industry are overweight and did not want that stigma of ‘the unhealthy chef’ hanging over her but strived to be a chef that leads clients to smarter food choices and healthier lifestyles.

Her love for cooking continued as she was now intent on living, forgetting what was behind and journeying towards what was ahead, while also helping others live a healthier lifestyle along the way.  One of the individuating qualities that set Farah apart from the rest is her passion which is often reflected as she creates all dishes in the most sustainable way she can paying careful attention to nutrition and health.

“God wants you not only to be healthy and whole but he wants to use you to help others be healthy and whole.”

Her Personal Chef services are geared towards busy families and professionals, those trying to reach personal fitness goals, address physical conditions and maintain a healthy based diet. Farah also specializes in kids nutrition and cooking, wholesome catering, nourishing treats, pantry makeovers and chef led dinner parties. She is always eagerly expanding her knowledge in the health and lifestyle field.

It was clear then to her that living desirably is about finding that ultimate balance in one’s life. For her, life is about creating an emotional, mental physical and spiritual balance. It’s also about nourishing and loving the skin you are in. 

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