“Tommy” belongs in the bookshelf of every educational institution, waiting room or home library. It is about Tommy, who has Alagille syndrome, a disorder that affects his liver from functioning as it should. Out of the desire to not only raise awareness about the disorder, but also teach children to expect and accept differences in one another, Tommy materialised. Based on a strong faith, author Paola Henderson compassionately speaks through the voice of her son, explaining the illness and how it makes him feel. In the same breath, she reveals how he deals with it – by viewing the world as a playground, as 6-year old boys do. Despite the pains his illness puts him through, he goes on adventures and faces life with vivacity beyond his years. Henderson’s sister-in-law, Kristina Henderson Thompson, skillfully captures the resilient disposition of Tommy on each page, providing fun, colourful pictures for young readers to enjoy. Coming from a family who has every reason to let the hardships of life get the best of them, Tommy is an inspirational story of a little boy, and a family, who embrace the positives of life while tackling the hand they’ve been dealt. More than teaching children a lessons about life, Tommy passes on the same message to the adults who take care of them.

Tommy 2

Tommy 2 is a story about a little boy whose health improves with diet. He now wants to teach you about healthy eating so you can stay healthy too.
Learn about foods through his traffic light tools, make it a journey that teaches fun rules!

Growing Healthy Kids

This book was written by a mom who saw the need for nutrition to heal her son. After becoming a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and learning all she had, she felt the need to share this information to educate others. An important lesson you will learn here is how to recognise foods that are good and those that are not so good. Foods that will make your kids happy, smart and well-behaved and those that will do just the opposite. Learning between the two is a life changer. Your shopping, cooking and eating will change. Awareness will take over and your eyes will open to new foods. Your old habits will disappear and your life becomes brighter, fuller and happier – YES all this through food!