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3 Healthy Lunch Kit Ideas for 'Back to School'

Updated: Aug 28, 2018

It’s almost time for 'back to school' which also means packing lunch kits. I know Moms usually dread this as packing lunch kits can be a tricky task. We all want to be sure to offer our kids healthy foods but also make sure that they eat it too.

As parents we don’t have time to waste, therefore lunch kits need to be packed quickly and nutritiously. Too often parents fall into prey of pre-packaged foods like readymade cheese paste sandwiches, a container of Jell-O, a pack of juice and a bag of potato chips – and sending off is easy, but eating this way for 180 days of the year is going to expose them to lots of ingredients their bodies don’t need and isn’t going to help them feel their best to do their best in school.

Preparation is always key, so you want to think ahead. For example when making dinner, always make extra for school lunches or take some time over the weekend to freeze homemade foods to use throughout the month in your kids' lunches.

Packing healthy lunches doesn’t have to be a challenge. Here are 3 healthy lunch ideas that are kid approved – PLUS 4 steps on how to pack your kids lunch kits

  1. Instead of chicken nuggets, slice up chicken breast into strips and serve it with a honey mustard sauce or your kids’ favourite dipping sauce and a side of corn kernels or green peas.

  2. Grilled cheese isn’t always at the top of the list of healthy lunches, but when you take out the butter factor and properly portion the cheese, cheese and whole grain crackers make a nice alternative, and add a little fun when kids can stack their own. Add a side off orange slices and some sunflower seeds.

  3. Most kids love pizza, and it’s really not that bad for them when prepared on a thin crust and topped with a moderate amount of tomato sauce and cheese. Check out Hendersons Kitchen for thin crust frozen pizzas. You might even be able to sneak a few vegetables. Pair it with apple slices and celery sticks.

4 Steps to Packing a Lunch Kit

Step 1: Starch + Protein

Turkey or Tuna sandwich on bakery whole grain bread

Sunflower butter and honey sandwich

Strawberry Chia Jam on whole grain bread

Hummus and crackers

Boiled Eggs and ham

Beans and rice

Chicken and rice

Chili and pasta

Pasta with chicken/turkey/cheese

Chicken strips with a dipping sauce

Step 2: Fruit






Step 3: Vegetable







Snow Peas


Step 4:


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