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Coconut Milk Pudding

This here is a winner!

Because it's delicious, healthy and only requires 1 main ingredient.

Coconut Milk - whether it comes in a tin (liquid form) or if you can make it from scratch.

And no it won't work with coconut milk powder! Who buys these anyway??


1. Place the tin of coconut milk in the fridge to get cold (about 40 minutes would do)

This way the milk would harden up.

2. Shake the tin a few times.

Open the tin and pour into a mixing bowl.

3. Either using a hand mixer or a whisk, whisk until it becomes creamy.

Options: If you wish to sweeten it you may add the sweetener of your choice here.

If you wish to flavor your pudding you can add in your choice of flavors - some examples are lemon zest, cinnamon, cocoa powder etc.

4. Scoop the pudding into your serving glassware or dessert bowls. Place it back into the fridge to harden some more.

Tip: Use the pudding as a creamer for your coffee. It's so delicious that one client said to me - " I feel like I am in a lovely cafe."

Or try topping it up with my berry jam recipe

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