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How To Stock Your Pantry

I have seen you pop into the grocery to buy two things and come out with twenty. I have also seen you open a bag of chips with the intention to eat a small handful and finish the whole bag. Yup you have been busted! But hey it’s not your fault. There is a reason why you mindlessly shop and eat this way.

You see food manufacturers and supermarkets have been hijacking our food choices for years. They are designed by very clever people who want you to spend more money, so they arrange the aisles and displays in such a way to seduce you to want more. Every display is geared towards getting you to spend more money – usually on processed foods.

They also employ a tactic to making you want to eat more of their product. With promises on the packaging and a cocktail of salt, sugar and additives in the ingredients they lure us into a false sense of security and quite frankly have stolen our taste buds and our connection with our food choices.

Don’t be hijacked by their tricks!

Avoid ‘packets and promises’ and just eat real food! When it comes to shopping I tell my clients to keep things simple. If it’s got a barcode or a ‘promise’, don’t buy it. Healthy, real, whole food don’t need to sell itself. Avocados don’t have ‘heart healthy’ on the packet, do they? If it has a long list of ingredients, don’t buy it. Freshly made pesto, which has around 3-4 ingredientsis fine. A stir-fry sauce containing 20 ingredients isn’t it. Buy your own fresh ingredients and assemble them together yourself. Don’t let health and your common sense be taken hostage by convenience food.

Here is how you should be stocking your pantry!

How to stock your pantry with real food:


Pasta – brown rice or quinoa spaghetti, penne, elbows

Rice – brown, jasmine



Beans –  canned with no salt nor sugar or dried – black beans, cannellini, kidney, and or pinto




Sweet Potatoes, Cassava, Breadfruit

Canned tuna

Vinegars – apple cider, red wine, white wine, balsamic Oils- extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil

Soy Sauce (or Tamari Sauce or Bragg’s Liquid Aminos)

Fish Sauce or Oyster Sauce

Ground Flax Seeds


Coconut Flakes

Peanut butter/almond butter/sunflower butter ( no hydrogenated oils nor sugar added)

Diced Tomatoes (canned)

Tomato Paste (matouks)

Jarred Pasta Sauce ( no added sugar or hydrogenated oils)

Olives – green and black Snacking:

Fruit- Pineapples, Apples, Bananas, Oranges when in season, grapes, strawberries

Dried Fruits – dates, raisins, cranberries, blueberries (no added sugars)

Nuts & Seeds



Aluminum free

baking powder

Aluminum free

baking soda


Cocoa Powder

Coconut Sugar

Local Honey

Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips

Old Fashioned Whole Oats



Coconut Sugar 100%

Maple Syrup Liquid


Pure Vanilla Extract


Unsalted Butter Kerrigold

Grapes (for snacking & lunches)


Whole carrots or Baby Carrots (for snacking, lunches & cooking)

Salad Greens – spinach, kale, broccoli, arugula, watercress

Almond Milk (Silk) or Oat milk

Free Range Eggs (buy fresh/local if you can)


Home made Salsa

Organic Ketchup

Dijon Mustard

Mayonnaise (not low fat)

Pepper Hot Sauce Freezer:

Frozen Fruit – pineapple, mangoes, blueberries

Veggies – broccoli, corn, green beans, spinach

Chicken – boneless, skinless breasts and thighs Whole Chicken

Grass Fed Ground Beef* Beef for stir fries, kebabs, stews Beef

Roast Pork Loin Chops/Roasts Ground Turkey







Chili Powder






Cayenne Pepper

Garlic Powder

Onion Powder

Happy Shopping!

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