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How to become a professional gambler?

Everyone who occasionally gambles dreams of becoming a professional gambler. Poker professionals abound, thousands of players worldwide can make ends meet from the income they earn playing poker. For other casino games, there are fewer known examples of gamblers living entirely off their winnings from gambling. However, these people do exist, but how do you become a professional gambler? We will try to get you started in this article.

Turning your hobby into your job, how often do you hear that? For people who like to gamble at the casino or online casino, it is great if they can turn their hobby into their job. But how do you win enough money playing blackjack, roulette or other casino games to put bread on the table and pay your rent, mortgage or other fixed expenses every month?

Advantages and disadvantages of professional gambling

Hardly any job is completely perfect without disadvantages attached to it. This also applies to becoming a professional gambler, even if you turn your hobby into your job, you have to weigh the advantages against the disadvantages.

Herewith the biggest advantages:

You can make a lot of money. If there is a lot of money involved, it is the casino world, and especially the online casino world.

You are your own boss, so you decide where you work and when. Besides, online casinos are open 24/7. Live casinos also tend to have very long opening hours.

It's an exciting job, where you won't get bored easily.

Here are the biggest advantages:

In gambling you never have a fixed income, there will also be periods where you might not earn anything or even lose money.

Professional gambling is not (yet) socially accepted.

Professional gambling can be very stressful and not always fun.

You need to have a very strong mindset. You have to be able to deal with setbacks but even when things are going well, you have to stay very strong not to spend too much money. Then you have to be smart about putting money away for times when things are less fortunate.

Choosing the game you are passionate about

The first step in becoming a professional gambler is deciding which game or activity you are going to focus on. Do you have a passion for blackjack? Then focus entirely on blackjack? Do you have a passion for betting on sports matches? Then focus on betting on sports. Do you have a passion for roulette AND poker? Then pick 1 game you will focus on, dividing your attention always comes at the expense of the quality of your game or the choices you make while gambling.

This is because each game requires different qualities. For poker, you need to be able to calculate odds, estimate people, read body language and have the courage to bluff at the right moment. Blackjack requires different skills such as making decisions based on different risk factors. For betting on sports, you need to follow the sport and understand whether quotes express the probability of winning well or not and whether these quotes can be profitable.

Study the game, where are opportunities?

If you want to go professional, you really need to know everything about the game. All the ins and outs should be part of your knowledge. All the rules of the game you play should be part of your knowledge. Especially if you place sports bets, you need to know exactly what rules apply and when you will or will not get paid.

There are books written about every casino game with strategies and other knowledge. Study these books to gain more knowledge about the game you are immersed in. For instance, there are books on blackjack that will really help you understand the game better.

Then watch how other players play. YouTube has plenty of footage of people playing baccarat or blackjack or other games. Especially poker has an extreme amount of footage, sometimes even later in the evening poker can be seen on TV. Where you can watch poker pros play a hand.

In addition, read as many magazines or online news websites related to the game you play as possible. This way, you will always be up to date with the most important news.

How much money to bet?

How much money you are going to bet is an important question which partly depends on what your bankroll is, and how much money you need to be able to pay your regulars each month.

Say you have €2,000 in monthly expenses and you have chosen to play blackjack with a bet of €2 per hand. Then you need to win 1000 hands more than you lose to cover your expenses. With that, decide for yourself whether that is realistic.

If you play €20 euros per hand then you need to win 100 hands more than you lose. You then bet more money, but make it more realistic to then earn your monthly €2000.

The same goes for betting on sports, will you only bet on single matches? Or do you focus on accumulators with 3, 4 or 5 different matches? Everything is possible and each choice ultimately makes a big difference in the outcome.

Do you play online or offline, and how many hours do you play?

Gambling can be done in an online casino or in a land-based casino like Holland Casino. Whether you play online or offline, or both, doesn't make much of a difference, however, it is true that there is more game on offer online and you can always get to a table online. If you go to Holland Casino, it sometimes happens that it's super busy and there's simply no room at the table. Which of course is very annoying because then you can't work. It is important not to play another game then because there is no room on your regular game. Or if there is no room at the €2 roulette table, you might go over your head to the €10 table. Always stick to your bankroll management.

By the way, it is not at all bad to alternate offline and online. It keeps things exciting and a visit to a real casino is always more sociable than sitting at a blackjack table at home.

Stick to bankroll management

Bankroll management (BRM) has been mentioned before, however, BRM is essential in being a professional gambler. What is bankroll management? A bankroll is an amount of money you set aside to gamble with. The key is to manage this bankroll so that you don't bet everything at once or in big chunks. This way, you prevent your bankroll from dropping to 0 when things go wrong. Gambling remains a game of chance, where luck can be against you, with responsible bankroll management you prevent going broke. In this blog you can read more about responsible BRM.

This Bankroll is of course also the money from which you pay your own wages. If your bankroll is 1500 but you have to pay 1400 at the end of the month in fixed expenses, you cannot bet more than €100 at that moment. After all, otherwise you won't be able to pay your bills at the end of your month if you lose more than that €100.

Know when to stop

Of course, the most important thing about gambling is always: Stop gambling on time. Whether you're down big or up big, you should always know when to stop. Often, playing for hours on end does not make you play better. Even if you have a win streak, it is wise to step back and be happy with the profit you made that day.

At the same time, if you have a bad streak, it is also wise to stop and maybe do something else for a while. However, losing is also part of the game and you need to maintain the right mindset to play profitably over the long term.

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