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The Health Library

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Welcome to your Health Library. This is a series of do-it-yourself programs to find the best program that fits your health needs. You are here, because you have taken one or many of my online courses and you have benefitted from them. As you have learnt not all diets are for everyone. Therefore, with nutrition science always evolving to meet everyone's health demands, what best gift to give yourself than to have invested in your health and try out a new way of eating approach together in a community of like-minded women focused on the same goals - being the Healthiest version of yourself! Here you will learn more about your body and what feels best for you! Here are a list of some of the programs: - The Protein Power Program - The Body Nourishing Program - The Fat Loss Program - The Eat Real Food Program - The Bulletproof Gut Program - The Menopause Power Program and more... You will also have access to a library of recipes to go with the program you choose to do. Along with worksheets such as habit starter kit, meal planners, progress diary and self-care checklist. The Health Library has valuable information so that you are never bored or unmotivated with your diet. Let's get you started!

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