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Meet Paola, health coach and mom !

Hi, I’m Paola, a health-coach and a mom. I help clients clean up their diet, get healthy and live a purposeful life.


I know the struggles of getting your family to eat healthy and am here to share how I made it happen, and support you to do it too!

My toughest clients are my two kids, Tommy and Nina-Reese, who have always criticised my cooking. Married to a chef, I am no chef, just a mom who can cook a few good meals and some other meals that need a bit of trial and error. Needles to say, I am someone who is determined and does not give up, especially when trying to get the nutrients into my families’ bodies. I have learned, to be a food inspector, as I question the foods that enter my loved ones bodies. To me they are like strangers trying to get into my home, if I don’t know them they can’t enter and so the same with food, if I don’t recognise any of the ingredients I don’t let them in.

I live by the philosophy that: Food should be our medicine and medicine should be our food.

As a mother and health coach knowing the harms, the dangers, the risks involved in these types of so-called foods makes me very concerned. And so I am here to help you, to wake up, question the food you buy and eat, to help you get cooking again, to give you delicious easy recipes, tips and ideas.

I work with busy parents who struggle to live healthier lives and are ready to make their own health a priority.

  • Parents who are aware that their own food choices are impacting not only their lives but the lives of their children.

  • Parents who seek abundant health and energy and are willing to make step by step changes in their eating habits and lifestyle to achieve a  healthier and happier life!

Through working with clients I have learned that each person that sits in front of me has their own unique health and life story.

In order to accurately advise them I must understand them and their journey, understand all the factors that influence their ability to make better choices when selecting their food and understand their emotional relationship to food as well as working hard to identify the underlying causes of their symptoms. Many want a quick fix and think its easy for me to tell everyone what ‘the perfect diet’ is or what the ‘best’ supplements are to take.

Learn more about my training and my unique approach to health coaching.Are you curious about how health coaching can help you? Let’s talk. Schedule an initial consultation with me today.

We are all unique individuals and there is not one right diet for everyone.

When I first began this journey into a healthier lifestyle, I had no clue about what a balanced meal really was, what we should or should not eat. Food was always just placed in front of me by my parents, school, at family gatherings. No one really taught me the names of the different vegetables, and why we must eat them and why its good for my body. At least I don’t remember, and if it was taught, it was definitely not overemphasised.

Food was food, a substance of energy to keep my body growing, moving and keeping me alive. It really didn’t matter if it was cereal, meat, vegetables, milk, bread. Once it was consumed I knew my parents were happy. Luckily for me, my mom is a great cook and so my meals were delicious, home-made and well balanced. But with that said, I look around me today and see so many parents overwhelmed with life, trying to balance careers, home and children. No wonder food is the last thing that one worries about. And why should we, when convenience is just around the corner.

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