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I took a chance when I contacted Paola Henderson.  I read an article on her and what she did in the newspaper, and made a spot decision to go and see her.  It has been a journey that has changed how I view my health, my body and my life.  I went from a person who purchased lunch five days a week, to a person who now cooks five days week. The other aspect of the sessions that I really treasure was the discussions centering on the self.

Annadale Rambaransingh

The year began with words like doubt, depression and denial. It began without goals, with fear of dreams and with anxiety about a future that I refused to try to see. My health was failing, blood pressure rising and weight increasing. In six months, all this has changed. Who knew learning about food could lead to all this? Who knew in learning to nourish myself with food, I would learn to nourish my soul and very being? Who knew that one person could ignite to smallest spec of positivity buried beneath all that negativity in my life with the idea of focusing on food. In 2013 a Paola started me off on a journey that changed my perspective on life

Lisa Adanna Wharwood

I just completed my six session program with Paola Henderson and since that initial visit I have seen many positive life changes. I have lost some weight due to better, healthier eating habits. I am more aware of the foods that I put in my body and which ones are good for me and which is not. Reading the ingredients on the packaging has become a habit and that has helped me to make wiser choices. Since seeing Paola, I have begun to think more positively about my life and career choices. Paola has definitely started me on the journey of living a fuller and healthier life.


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