10/21 Day Sugar Detox

Tired of Weight Gain? Bloat? Fatigue? Brain Fog?

Excess sugar could be the reason. You are here because you have made the decision to Quit Sugar for 10 days.

Clients who have joined my 10 day sugar detox get the results they are looking for when they extend it to 21 days.

I am excited to offer you 21 days of detoxing your body from SUGAR - the legal drug!

Option to SIGN up for just 10 DAYS is also available

Online Programme begins November 15th 2021

Taking the 10 Day Sugar Detox Program to another level, as we all could do with a good detox to help eliminate inflammation, fatigue, weight gain, control insulin spikes, improve sleep, mental clarity, joint pains and reset your immune system.

What's Included in the 10 Day / 21 Day Sugar Detox?

  1. Sugar Detox Guidelines

  2. Recipes for Sugar Detox

  3. Meal Ideas

  4. Grocery List

  5. Portion Control Handout

  6. Daily email in your inbox

  7. Whats App support group

  8. FB support group for further accountability

Cost of the Programme is $40.00 TT per day.

10 Days - $400 TT or US $60.00

21 Days - $840 TT or US $120.00

Payment can be done with online banking for more info -

Sign Up Here

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