10 Day Sugar Cleanse

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

You are here because you have made the decision to Quit Sugar for 10 days.

Online Programme begins January 11th 2021

Option to extend 11 more days to make it to 21 days in total!

To begin please watch this video:

What's Included in the 10 Day Sugar Cleanse?

  1. Sugar Cleanse Guidelines

  2. Recipes for Sugar Cleanse

  3. Meal Ideas

  4. Grocery List

  5. Portion Control Handout

  6. Daily email in your inbox

  7. Group Coaching Calls/WhatsApp support group (optional)

Cost of the Programme is $30 TT per day a total of $300 TT for the 10 days

Payment can be done with online banking for more info -

Sign Up Here

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