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10/21 Day Sugar & Flour Detox

Updated: Nov 17

Tired of Weight Gain? Bloat? Fatigue? Brain Fog?

Want to kick start your health journey?

Perhaps reduce inflammation, boost health, feel energized and look your best?

Excess sugar and flour could be the reason.

You are here because you have made the decision to Quit Sugar and Flour for a total of 10/21 days.

The 10/21 Day Sugar Detox Programme has been a real success with previous clients whose goals were to clean out their diet. It has helped them eliminate inflammation, fatigue, weight gain, control insulin spikes, improve sleep, mental clarity, joint pains and reset their immune systems. This could be you in 10/21 days!

Online Programme begins January 15th, 2024.

What's Included in the 10/21 Day Sugar and Flour Detox?

  • Sugar & Flour Digital Printable Workbook Guide

  • Recipes Book (breakfast, snack, lunch and dinner)

  • Meal plan

  • Grocery List

  • Portion Control Handout

  • Educational Cards

  • Daily support via WhatsApp Group Chat

  • Content on online platform

  • One-on-One Accountability and individual check ins.

Cost of the Programme is $60.00 TT or $10.00 USD per day.

10 Days - $850.00 TT or $135.00 USD

21 Days - $1250.00 TT or $195.00 USD

Payment can be made via online transfer. Send Paola a message 1(868)788-4691 and she will send you the details.

No excuses. Join me for this programme, lose weight and feel GREAT!

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