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Welcome to the place of Eating, Feeling and Being well. Here you'll learn how to eat, what to eat and why to eat it!

I don't know about you but stats like this keep me up at night as the side effects of poor nutritional choices are devastating.

People have no energy for their children. People are not able to pursue their hobbies. People are taking prescription medication because of poor eating and lifestyle habits. People are under more stress than ever before. People are battling with self-image. People are overweight or obese. People are simply NOT healthy.

As a Health Coach and Wellness expert for the past decade, I cannot sit idle and watch this happen which is why I invite you (and the people you care about most) to sign up for this Course - "EAT"

There is a very good chance that over the years of trying to “find a nutritional solution that will ACTUALLY work,” you have been lied to!

Broken promises and myths in the world of nutrition have become the norm and it is not surprising that the number of people suffering from preventable health conditions is soaring.

During this experience, you will finally have the chance to debunk what you have been told so that you can look, feel, and be healthy while enjoying the process.

The purpose of this course

  • To teach you the core concept of bio-individuality - no one way of eating is best for everyone. You'll learn how to eat the best way for you

  • To teach you about super foods - how to include them into your diet and turn them into a delicious treat.

  • To teach you about supplements - most people are deficient in them.

  • To debunk the "good vs bad" fats, carbs and protein.

  • To teach you easy home cooking tips

  • To teach you how to eat to lose weight (if that's your goal) and how no amount of gym time will get you the body you want if your nutrition is off.

  • To teach you what foods are actually poisoning your body and that you should never eat them again. ( Don't worry its not what you think, I wont take away your most loved foods, we might just need to find healthier ways of eating them).

  • To teach you how to make easy, healthy substitutions that you'll love; these small things can add up to huge lasting results.

  • To teach you how and what you eat affects how you look far more than any cream, lotion or potion you can apply.

  • To teach you how to age gracefully and balance your hormones.

  • To teach you easy home cooking tips so you can whip up healthy, yummy meals at home.

  • To teach you about liver and digestive health. Your digestion affects every single system in your body - especially your immune system and skin health

  • To teach you the concept of "Primary Food" - what nourishes you off your plate - spirituality, relationships, career, physical activity, creativity etc - and the importance of seeking balance in this crazy thing call life. How we feel, greatly impacts our food choices and vice versa!

My goal is to share innovative techniques and action steps that you can do right now to get on the right track and sustain the results. You will not be overwhelmed with the content. It's there for you to keep whenever you wish to revisit. This course is an investment for your health, educating you on what and how to EAT!

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