Almond Butter

This recipe is super duper easy! If I catch you buying almond butter, I will try and stop you.

This recipe really has 2 ingredients, but I added 2 more. It needed a bit of sweet and salt to it.

Bob Red Mill's has this great almond meal, so I decided to try making almond butter using the almond meal. After all almond meal is ground almonds. If you wish to make it into a chocolate nut butter. Melt 100% chocolate and add to the mix.


Cook Time: 5 minutes



All you need is a Cuisinart food processor to make this fabulous almond butter.

  1. Place all ingredients in the food processor and blend.

  2. Pulse, stop, use a spatula to scrape the sides and blend again. You will notice the almond butter heats up with the more power you put on.

  3. After just 5 minutes, the blend will be smooth. Place in a glass container and refrigerate. The mixture will harden up but once kept out of the fridge it will soften up.

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