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Nut Butter Oat Bar

Who here buys protein bars and gets confused with the amount of added ingredients?

I for one used to buy protein bars all the time when I was back in College. Never even looked at the ingredient list as I only concentrated on the calories and carbohydrates.

As much as reading nutritional labels is important, the list of ingredients can tell you what the food product is made out of. Which to me should be the #1 focus when buying packaged food.

This Nut butter Oat Bar can be made with peanut butter, almond butter, cashew butter or sesame butter. The choice is yours. Besides the nut butter, all you need are oats, chocolate chips (melted), sea salt and (optional) honey.

I love this kid friendly dessert as it requires NO baking and can be put together in minutes.


1.Mix together in a bowl 1 cup of nut butter, 2 cups of oats, a pinch of sea salt. If adding the honey add 1/2 cup. Mix well.

2.Then press evenly into a greased pan.

Place into the fridge or freezer and let it harden.

3.Once harden melt the chocolate chips and drizzle over the top of the oat mixture. Option to sprinkle some sea salt.

4.Cut and serve!

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