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Overnight Oats

Oatmeal is a common breakfast food enjoyed by many. However, there is an even better alternative to eating regular cooked oatmeal that everyone should try - raw, soaked oats. The benefits of oats are too many to name, as I'm sure you know. They provide magnesium, fiber, plant-based protein, potassium, and they contain absolutely no sugar. This makes them a true virtue for healthy morning meals and they are affordable. The best part about soaked oats is that, they are super easy to make and takes less time to prepare, as all the work is done overnight as you sleep. Overnight oats are insanely delicious, like a dessert for breakfast. Even the pickiest eater or oatmeal hater will have a hard time turning down these delicious overnight oats.



  1. Fill your mason jar with 1/2 of the rolled oats

  2. Add the fruit

  3. Add the toppings

  4. Fill up the mason jar with your choice of liquid.

  5. Place in fridge overnight

  6. Eat the overnight in the morning for Breakfast


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