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5 Hangover Remedies

We all need these remedies, especially during the Christmas and Carnival seasons. So what do you do when you have a hangover?

Here are 5 remedies to cure the hangover which have been used in ancient times.

  1. Black or Green tea – instead of placing 1 tea bag – place2 or 3 to make the tea stronger. Tea helps the liver work at an optimal level improving your liver functions.

  2. Apples or Pears – are cooling foods and therefore help the liver and lungs release excess heat by stagnating the liver. ( make sure and wash the apples/pears with apple cider vinegar to remove the pesticides)

  3. Radishes – have detoxifying compounds and are loaded with magnesium, fiber, vitamin C. Radishes flush out your liver. You can eat them raw, cook them, juice them – anyway you make them will be beneficial to a hangover.

  4. Lemon, ginger and honey – making a tea out of these three ingredients and drinking it all day will help cure the hangover. This helps flush out the alcohol from your system by cleaning your digestive system.

  5. This last one is a very powerful acupuncture pressure point that most people are familiar with. Take your thumb and index finger and put it together gently. You will feel a little muscle on the crease. Take your thumb from the opposite hand and gently massage the muscle area. This pressure point is very powerful for overall digestion.

All of these 5 remedies help the digestive system function at an optimal level which will relieve a hangover, help your stress level and relieve a headache!

Keep in mind that you need to hydrate so drink lots of water throughout the day. Sleep, eat nourishing foods and take deep breaths to help remove those alcohol toxins from your body!

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