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Are you popping too many pills?

What supplement should I take?That's one of the most common questions I often receive from clients.

So many people are more inclined to pop a pill than change their diet and will happily spend more money on them in the hope of quick fixes or miracle cures.

They read in magazines or hear from friends about a certain supplement being good for improving energy levels or increasing fat burn. Buying into the supplement, and either taking it a few times before forgetting about it or take it mindlessly everyday without really knowing if it’s doing them any good.

Are you one of those people that have bagfuls of supplements – some out dated, some not very good quality, or not at all relevant to your health?

Or perhaps do you have multiple practitioners that have advised you to take different supplements ending up in a heap pile on your kitchen counter?

Throughout my practice I have learnt that many people don’t know why they need the supplements they are taking, how to take them or what to take. It’s a minefield, and most of you are getting it all wrong!!

Like, so much else to do with health and diet, people just want to be healthy and are trying their best, but they have too many things to think about and juggle. Just like the food industry, there’s a lot of expensive marketing and false promises going in the supplement industry. There are also a lot of cheaply produced and processed supplements that have been heavily marketed to look healthier than they actually are. Yes, it’s more ‘packets and promises.’ – OMEGA XL is one!

I am not here to tell you what supplements to take – I couldn’t possibly know without seeing you in person, finding out about your diet and lifestyle. Health Coaching is about personalized nutrition targeted towards each individuals needs and to compliment a healthy lifestyle, which manages stress, gets adequate sleep, exercise and a natural whole food diet.

Your health must always start with your nutrition, and with real food. Absolutely NO supplement can replace the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Many people may challenge me saying that they want to get all of their nutrients purely from a good diet and I agree to a certain point. I’m no pill pusher and I would far rather a client concentrate on getting their diet right before we bring in supplements.

This is one of the reasons I came up with the creation of my line of wellness health shots. Many of us don’t get in the amount of nutrients we need to boost our immune system, fight inflammation, increase blood count, improve circulation or eat food that are high in essential vitamins and minerals.

You may have seen them at Starlite Pharmacy, at Fresh, at Hendersons Kitchen and posted on my Instagram page and FB. If you are confused as to which one to take, here is a breakdown on each shot:

••• Immunity Wellness Shot – made with a concentration of pineapple, parsley, ginger, turmeric and lime. This shot boosts immune system. Its loaded with antioxidants. Balances PH levels in the body. Fights fatigue. Its anti-inflammatory. Supports weight loss

••• Rehab Wellness Shot – made with Ginger, Cayenne and lime. Fat burning. Its metabolism boosting. A great hangover remedy and liver Detox.

•••  Master Cleanse Shot – made with molasses which is loaded in B vitamins, calcium and iron, lime ginger and cayenne. This Master Cleanse is a detoxifier, weight loss enhancer. Aids in digestion. A great pain reliever.

•••  Hulk Shot – made with coconut water, spinach, liquid chlorophyll, ginger and lime. This shot oxygenates blood. It’s anti-carcinogenic. Increases blood count. Helps prevent kidney stones. Improves circulation. High in essential vitamins and minerals.

•••  HUGZ– created for kids in mind when they have the cold. Made with Honey, lime, cinnamon and pine water. Antiviral. ANTI-INFLAMMATORY. Sore throat restoration and full of vitamin C.

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