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Bloating – here are some steps you can do to reduce the bloat:

Bloating is a common condition people deal with every single day.  A few years ago, I suffered with bloating, it affected the way my clothes fit and my self confidence. I began by tuning in to the foods I was eating and taking note of when the bloating would come on – I realized that weekends played a big part as those were the days that I ate whatever I wanted and as a result the bloating crept back in every Monday.

‘ Change occurs when the pain of remaining the same is greater than the pain of changing.’

I started watching the foods and drinks I was consuming on the weekend and made a conscious effort to eat like I did during the week. Here are some steps I took to reduce the bloating:

  • Amp up the water intake to 4 liters a day. So if you are still bloated pick it up a bit. Men should be drinking 13 cups a water and women 9 cups of water. Increase it to 4 liters more to reduce the bloating.

  • increase your fiber by eating vegetables, especially those dark leafy greens loaded with magnesium is going to help flush out that bloat and get the body you want.

  • get rid of those starchy carbs like French fries/potatoes/bread and stick to a more vegetable based diet

  • NO skipping meals – a lot of people wake up in the morning feel a little bloated so they don’t eat breakfast – that’s one of the biggest mistakes that you can make. So eat a small breakfast, something substantial of good quality that has nutrients and then have a snack and lunch. If you need a reminder to eat set an alarm on your phone – but make to eat!

  • exercise – when you break out on a sweat it gets rid of the excess sodium in your body. Try sprints, intervals and strength training to recoup your metabolism.

  • sleep – is so huge. 8-10 hours a night. It restores your body, recharges you. It lowers your cortisol levels which is actually the hormone that causes the bloating in the first place. So make sure to get a solid 8-10 hours a night.

  • Get rid of inflammatory foods. Dairy. Sugar. Wheat. By not eating these foods allows that water to come out of your body effortlessly.

Try this Super Food Chia Seed Anti-Bloating Smoothie:


3 tbsp. of chopped up parsley ( is absolutely amazing at reducing the bloating in your body)

1/2 cup berries (loaded with fiber)

2 cups almond milk

2 tbsp. chia seeds (helps keep you full and helps with digestion)


Blend almond milk and parsley together. Then blend in the berries and chia seeds. Enjoy!

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