Cashew Mayonnaise


  2. Soak a large handful of cashew nuts overnight in water.

  3. The next day, drain the cashews and pop them in a blender with a little Himalayan pink sea salt, some fresh lemon juice, garlic and any herbs you like and blend. If it's a little too thick add small amounts of water until it has a mayonnaise-like consistency.

I enjoy this mayo spread on Ezekiel multigrain toast with sliced cucumbers or avocado (if in season). If you like spicy food, give your mayo a kick with some fresh chillis and lime juice.

Recipe Notes

If you aren't a fan of cashews, Bob Red Mills has you covered with their Almond Meal Flour. Just simply swap the cashews for the almond meal flour and it will create 'Almond Mayo' instead.

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