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Here Is A Cool Way To Sneak In Fruits And Veggies

Updated: Aug 13, 2018

Friends know that I am a sneaky mom! Always trying to get fruits and vegetables into my kids growing bodies.  How many of you dread thinking about dinner, because your kids would probably cringe at the vegetables on their plate?

Yes, I have been there, done that! Giving in to your kids maybe the easiest way out, but then it leaves you with a guilty feeling, and you talk yourself out of it, saying, well at least they ate and are satisfied. Oh, the dreaded vegetables, why do vegetables have to be the enemy at the dinner table? When you think about it, vegetables are incredible things…..they come in all sorts of different shapes, sizes and colors. So why are they the least favorite for most kids? I think maybe an evil fairy had to do something with this. My make believe theory is that when a child begins pre-school, the evil fairy appears in their sleep and waves a magic wand and tells the kids not to like their vegetables. If only this is what really happens, then we would have an excuse! While there isn’t an evil fairy, there is the evil sugars and processed foods that have monopolized our kids’ taste buds around the time they begin their school years.

So it happened one afternoon, while I took an hour of all the protests of eating their colourful veggies, that I decided how about hiding the veggies in their favourite food. And so I began with their favourite snack. A chocolate brownie. I searched in my fridge for the perfect vegetable that has loads of nutrients and has the least taste to hide into their chocolate brownie.  After all, the chocolate would disguise it. And there is was a bag of baby spinach.  What if I was to place this wonderful green into a food processor and into the brownie batter? I had to try it, even if the trick didn’t work. And so like a magic spell, the green melted away into the brownie batter and the kids devoured it. I, on the other hand, had the biggest grin. This is it, this is what I must do to all of their favourite foods. And so magically vegetables became part of the dinner table. The protests diminished, the plates got cleaned and everyone was happy.

This is how Squeezies was created! Squeezies are ice lollies made with pure fruit and vegetables. Great for kids, adults, athletes, the elderly and really EVERYONE!

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