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Ready! Set! Go! Let’s Get Healthy By Starting With Breakfast

Are you eating Breakfast?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and the meal that will help you focus better at school, have more energy, be in a better mood and help you stay healthy and fit.

Now this does not mean have a huge breakfast. The quality of your breakfast counts more than the quantity of your breakfast. Most of us go for a packaged breakfast that either consists of a cereal or a protein bar. Why? Because it’s quick, easy and convenient. Mornings are hard; we are rushing around trying to get out the door to beat the morning traffic. Who has time to actually make breakfast?

What you did not realize is that having convenient packaged foods for breakfast is like having nothing at all. These packaged foods, contain no real nutrients to keep your body going. So before that 10 am break time comes around, you are starving.

Our bodies depend on nutrients to feed our cells, tissues and organs. Breakfast comes from the word “Break-the-fast”. Think about it, the last time you would have eaten in the day is around 7-8pm at night. So your body has gone 8-10 hours without any food at all. This is the longest period that your body has fasted. So when you wake up your body is like a sponge ready to soak up food. Not only does it want to soak up food, it wants to soak up nutrients like vitamins and minerals which help our immune system, helps us grow, feeds our brains and gives us the energy we need to make it through the day.

Most of us experience fatigue at certain hours of the day and we reach out for foods that are loaded with sugar. Yes sugar will definitely wake you back up, raise your blood sugar levels, give you a boost of energy but in no time at all it comes crashing down. Before you know it, you are reaching out again for some other form of food that contains more sugar.

If you are having some form of packaged food loaded with added sugars for breakfast, this is likely what your body cycle is:

  • Eat a sugar loaded breakfast

  • Your body experiences a high

  • Before 10 am your body starts crying out for a pick me up

  • You feed it some juice or a snack

  • You get a boost of energy

  • Before midday you start to feel hungry or tired

Skipping breakfast or not getting a proper breakfast full of nutrients deprives your body from functioning to its full potential. Sure, you will feel fine the first few hours of the day, but once your blood sugar drops, you experience poor concentration, tiredness and irritability. By mid morning, you can expect that you are probably reaching out for some form of sugar to help you function before lunchtime.

You want to focus on the quality of breakfast.

Here is a guide:

  • Never skip breakfast

  • Always have a protein for breakfast – protein means energy!

  • If you can squeeze in a green vegetable in a smoothie it would be great.

  • Eating breakfast will help balance your sugar levels

  • Research studies have shown that people who have a nourishing breakfast sustain a better mental performance throughout the day and are in better spirits than those who don’t.

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