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The Kitchen Detox

Let’s just put all the blame on the kitchen, for maybe putting on those extra 5 pounds over the summer, for the lack of energy and the De-motivation to eat better. Why should you go on a detox when it was your kitchens fault all this time? Why not try something different and put your kitchen on a detox rather than you having to go on one.

When I see new clients, I often start by discussing the state of their kitchen and what lives in their pantries and fridge. Many times, I find their kitchens disorganized and junk-filled, so it’s essential to start by preparing your kitchen for success, after all the client has come to me with good intentions.

I have heard it all when it comes to failure of eating healthier. If you have had a bad day and get home tired and hungry and open the fridge to convenience, nutrient-lacking food, then it will be pretty hard to avoid eating it. ‘ I got home from work at 8pm and there was nothing in the fridge so I ordered a pizza”; ‘I had a stressful day and I ended up eating a whole bag of potato chips in front of the TV’ or ‘I couldn’t be bothered to cook so I just had ramen noodles again.’

With a kitchen detox, these scenarios just won’t happen. Let’s get the foundations right and get rid of the junk and become organized to allow for a smoother transition as you build on your ONE thing to change over time.

Enough of the junk, so start by throwing ALL the junk away – this does not mean to keep a few hidden in case of emergencies or worry about waste. Yes, it’s wasteful to throw away food but YOU are NOT a human dustbin, so fill your bin with this junk and not your body. Start by making a decision about what’s more important- wasting food or wasting your health. If you keep these junk foods in the house you will eat them eventually at some point, usually when you are tired or stressed. Once you have completed these easy steps to your kitchen detox you won’t waste food again because everything you buy you will use.

Here is what needs to GO:

  • Breakfast Boxed cereals – get recipe for my home made granola on my website

  • Processed and convenience foods

  • Margarine

  • Gluten Grains

  • Salad Dressings

  • Biscuits, cakes and sweets

  • Yogurts and Cows milk

  • Table or cooking salt

  • Anything out of date

Here is what you can swap it with:

  • Protein – fish, meat or chicken

  • Non-meat protein such as beans, nuts and seeds

  • Salad and vegetables

  • Dairy alternatives like coconut milk or nut milk, feta and goat cheese

  • Healthy flavors – fresh, dried or frozen herbs, black pepper, sea salt, lemons, chili, garlic.

  • Olive oil and coconut oil

  • Coconut flour, rice flour and chick pea flours

  • Brown rice, pasta/noodles or rice paper wraps

  • Quinoa

  • Good quality coffee

  • Apple cider vinegar

  • Turmeric, ginger

Several studies from Cornell University in the US have found that the way your kitchen is organized affects our food choices. If you have a messy fridge with sugar or convenience food at eye level, you will make bad choices. If you have a well-organized and well-stocked fridge full of healthy options, you will make better choices.

Food manufacturers and supermarkets have been hijacking our food choices for years. There’s a reason why you pop into supermarkets to buy two things and come out with twenty. There is also a reason why you can’t just eat a small handful of crisps in a bag. Supermarkets are designed by very clever people who want you to spend more money, so they arrange their aisles and displays in such a way to seduce you to want more. Don’t be hijacked by their tricks! Avoid ‘packets and promises’ and just eat real food.

Once you start to detox your kitchen, you can also start focusing on your kitchen tools. Having the right kitchen tools will change how you cook and how the food tastes. It’s not about buying snazzy and designer items, but there are some staples that will certainly help you enjoy your time in your kitchen.

Your Toolkit:
  • knives

  • tongs

  • Vitamix blender or Nutri bullet

  • Juicer

  • Spiraliser

If you want additional help to start your kitchen detox, feel free to contact me. It does not happen overnight but through time. It’s about making one small change every day that will help you succeed. If I can do this, you can too!

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