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Why We Need Probiotics

Don't you find nutrition has gotten so confusing? Once upon a time food was just food. A substance of nutrients that nourished our bodies. Today so many new words have been popping up in the nutrition field that we can no longer keep up with the new terminology nor its meaning. From gluten free to free range to organic to probiotics and the list goes on.

Don’t worry, I no longer want you to be confused and so I am here to guide you to choose wiser food choices that can only benefit your health. So today I choose to tell you about probiotics.

What are probiotics? Simply put, probiotics are living organisms that help replenish the good bacteria that live in our intestinal tracts. These good bacteria aid in digestion, overall gut health and support our immune system. They’re a line of defence against illness. If you’ve ever been sick and had to take antibiotics, you’ve likely wiped out your beneficial bacteria and probiotics would be a good way to replenish them.

Why are probiotics important? Probiotics are a way to ensure that you have good, healthy bacteria keeping you in tip-top shape. Think of probiotics as a replenishment system.

When should you use probiotics? Everyone will benefit from drinking or eating foods that contain probiotics. Probiotics can be used regularly to maintain gut health, but they are essential for recovery from antibiotic use and illnesses where bad bacteria has been introduced (such as food poisoning). Probiotics are found in drinks like kefir and kombucha as well as fermented foods found in health food stores. 

I recently discovered that I have been consuming prebiotics in my diet and if you have been following my recipes and advice for using Bob Red Mill's products then you have also been consuming prebiotics. 

Prebiotics are the foods we ingest that feed our healthy bacteria. Anything that has a decent amount of dietary fibre can function as a prebiotic, but not all prebiotics are created equal. Whole grains and fibre-rich foods are above and beyond the best choice for gut health. It’s so simple to create the perfect formula of pre- and probiotics. You’re enjoying yogurt? Add a scoop of muesli or granola to your meal. Enjoying some goat cheese? Pair it with some brown rice or whole grain bread. See? Simple. The nice thing is, high fibre foods are overwhelmingly beneficial to your digestive health anyway, so pairing them with Probiotics is a win-win.

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