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Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Yum Yum!

um Yum!

Balls-O-Nuts is the perfect pick me up snack. Nutrient packed with nuts, seeds and dates. These little balls do the trick when you need a boost of energy or perhaps combat a sweet tooth craving. You can make this ahead of time and keep in the freezer for when you need a kick of energy or a guilt free treat.


PREP TIME 10 minutes



  1. Soak Dates with oats in water for a few hours, then drain excess water.

  2. Add all remaining ingredients except chia seeds into a blender and blend until chunks become very small, but are still apparent.

  3. Form little balls with the mixture. (Optional roll in chia seeds)

  4. You can also squeeze lemon or ginger juice into mixture.

  5. Place balls in a dish in the freezer and serve chilled.

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