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My Plant Protein Powder

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Don't you find it a long and confusing process when buying a good protein powder?

First, there's finding one that meets your nutritional needs. I need one with THIS much protein but only THIS many calories!

Then, there's making sure it doesn't contain any sketchy additives. (Carrageenan? No thanks). Oh, and you have to actually like the way it tastes. Funky, chalk-like powders are a NO NO!

Now that I have my teenage son is working out with a trainer and adding in more protein to his diet, the search is on for a clean and healthy protein to meet his nutritional needs (and mine too)!

So I thought why not make my own protein powder using local ingredients!

So said and so done. Introducing my Plant Protein Powder Keto and non-Keto version in a chocolate flavor!

These are the ingredients:-

  • almond meal

  • flax meal

  • green banana

  • pigeon peas

  • string beans

  • spinach

  • tonka bean

  • moringa

  • pumpkin

  • carrot

  • cinnamon

  • cocoa powder

  • coconut sugar

For the KETO Version - coconut sugar is replaced with Stevia and as the fat it has Coconut Oil Powder.

All you have to do is blend with a choice of liquid (water, milk, nut milk)

Optional to add a frozen fruit like banana or berries. Blend and Serve.

The Nutritional Values are as follows:

Serving: 1 serving

Calories : 110

Total Fat : 2.5g

Total Carbohydrates : 1 g

Sugars: 1g - Keto version :0g

Protein: 25g

Note when adding liquid like milk or nut milk your intake of protein and calories will increase the recommended intake!

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